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Crystal Therapy

If you have difficulty letting go of old ideas that are no longer serving you, or you are the type of person that easily picks up on other people’s energy.
If you’re seeking more tranquility and calm in your life, or you are feeling overly emotional or out of touch with your feelings. Or perhaps you need to magnify feelings of self-love and the unconditional love of others.
If you are seeking to bring peace and tranquillity into your life, or if you feel good when you hold a crystal in your hand or touching your skin.
The perhaps the crystals are calling to you, so they may help and assist you.


Crystal therapy attends to the subtle levels of functioning, approaching the individual holistically and so works on many levels, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in origin.
Crystals may be used for:
•Feelings of deep peace and relaxation (reduced anxiety/stress)
•Stimulates and enhances mind-body-spirit connection
•Deeper more restful sleep
•Physical restoration, increased energy, vitality and a youthful glow
•Cleanses, recharges and balances the body’s energy system
•An overall sense of enhanced health and well-being

Crystal therapists use crystals, gemstones and minerals in several ways to amplify and accelerate the self-healing processes within the individual patient. It is considered that these healing processes are initiated with a harmonious interface between the particular and unique vibrational structure of crystalline matter within the mineral kingdom and the biomagnetic energy patterns comprising the human being.
Crystal therapy directs attention to the subtle levels of functioning to re-establish a more harmonious and integrated vibration. Crystal healers approach the individual holistically and thus effectively work on many levels, whether the problems are perceived as physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in origin.

Created over the millennia, crystals absorbed the natural energies of the Earth and the Universe, from the Earths magnetic field, heat and pressures, to the background energies of our own Sun as well as the Cosmos.
Many people wonder if crystals have healing powers, and while there are many anecdotes describing the curative effects of healing stones, it really depends on your own experience. It takes a conscious effort to open your heart and mind, yet once you begin, the journey is studded with beautiful, mysterious, and unique crystals. Follow your heart when searching for the best spiritual support.
In the magical world of vibrations, crystal energy may help you on your spiritual journey as it works to hold your intention.

Scientific Evidence

One of the first pieces of scientific evidence relating to the power of crystals is the work done by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel. While watching crystals grow under a microscope, he noticed that their shape took the form of whatever he was thinking about. He hypothesized that these vibrations are the result of the constant assembling and disassembling of bonds between molecules. He also tested the metaphysical power of quartz crystals, and proved that rocks can store thoughts similar to how tapes use magnetic energy to record sound.
Albert Einstein said everything in life is vibration, and just like sound waves, your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life. Therefore, if you think crystals have healing potential, the positive vibes of the stones will amplify those thoughts.

Make Time for Me Time

At every moment, we have the ability to choose our thoughts and as we continue our journey, each day presents us with new challenges and wonderful beginnings. Healing crystals remind us to quiet the chatter of the mind and reconnect to the universally healing vibrations. An important lesson to learn from crystals is patience, similar to the eons of time it took for these semi-precious stones to evolve and transform, working with the healing power of crystals also may time. As you learn, grow, and evolve, understand and be grateful for the abundance of Mother Nature and the great mysteries of the universe.

Thoughts create vibrations, which makes setting intentions a powerful tool for achieving happiness and well-being. Having a clear purpose provides us with insight into our aspirations, dreams, and values. It also helps us live in the present moment instead of being caught in negative thought patterns. Intentions are like magnets. They attract what will make them come true. Setting an intention is a powerful tool for achieving happiness. Crafting an intention starts by setting goals that align with your values, aspirations, and purpose.

Crystal Therapy - £40 per hourly session

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