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Whilst our Medical Therapists continued their good work throughout the lockdown, being Key Health Workers, the others had to cease for the duration.
With our fully compliant Covid premises meeting regulatory guidelines, and our therapists fully PPE equipped, we can look after you whilst you enjoy Peace of Mind.

Ring us on 01243 820330 for more details.

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Take control and start living the life you deserve...


Feel ‘Out of Balance’? Are you ‘Out of Tune’ with all around you? Lack that ‘Vital Spark’?
How do you feel when you are stressed, or when ‘things’ wind you up?
At these moments, how does your body feel? And more, what is going on internally? How well do you then function, behave and react? Overall, are you at your ‘best’?
On the other hand, how does it feel, listening to the gentle lapping of the waves upon the beach? To stroll amongst the trees along a woodland path, listening to the sigh of the breeze through the leaves? Now how well do you function, behave and react? Are you nearer to being 'healed' and at your ‘best’?


Background and Outlook:

The reason for the difference? We spent tens of thousands of years in the Natural World, and some ten thousand years in a ‘Civilised’ World.

Treating yourself holistically rather than just physically or even mentally, may be the solution you seek.

Yet, which is the best option for you, personally? One answer is your ‘Gut Reaction’. Listen to your heart and your intuition. They are aware of the 'healing' your Holistic Energy needs. Read on further to see which therapies resonate or ‘strike a chord’.

Alternatively, take time to tell us, in strictest confidence, what it is like to be you, what is you seek and how we can assist you with your Journey.

Please remember, that in this area of West Sussex, especially Chichester and Littlehampton, it's only a short physical journey to Bognor Regis.

Energy treatments are more subtle, fundamental and powerful than working at the purely physical level. They may involve auras, chakras or meridians. They may make a difference, enabling you to grow and develop on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. We cannot claim to perform, say, Reiki Healing in Bognor Regis, for the 'scientific, rational, legalistic regulations' forbid this. Yet these Energy Therapies are, in my perception, totally beneficial.

The best way to understand them, is to experience them.

Yet we do look after the Body as well. We can assist with aches and pains with massages from the therapeutic, through deep tissue and trigger point therapy, to full sports and injury massage.

Similarly, we help with the Mind, through Humanistic Counselling, Visualisation and Hypnotherapy. We can enable you to leave past issues where they belong – in the Past. Even if these issues took place before you born, be it in the womb or in a previous life.
Or maybe you may just feel that your mind is ‘befuddled’, in which case how good would it be to clear those negative thoughts, commands and perceptions, allowing you to lead the Life you choose.

So, to put it simply, ask yourself whose Body, Emotions, Life and Spirit is it? Who is the best person to be in charge of your Body, your Emotions, your Life and your Spirit?

If the answer is you, then call us on 01243 820330 to reserve your space to allow this to happen.

Ask yourself “Where do you think you should go from here?” If you would like to be next, then call us on 01243 820330 to reserve your space to allow this to happen.

Our Complimentary Health Centre in Bognor Regis is only a sort distance away from Chichester, Littlehampton, and many other areas of West Sussex.

Make Time For Me Time – and let the magic begin


About Myself

My name is Ian Ford.

After many years with a science and ‘sensible’ working background, I met a Crystal Therapist. One trained in depth by a true ‘Master’. This began my personal journey through the Holistic World of Alternative Therapies. Which means Therapies that have been with us since the Beginning.

For twenty years or more, my journey led me from Humanistic Counselling and Hypnotherapy through massages and Metamorphic Technique, to Reiki and Crystal Therapy. The more I learnt, the more I realised there is to know. The more I learnt, the more I realised that ALL therapies have to be understood and practised safely and wisely.

I have gained a BA [Hons] degree in Humanistic Counselling, plus Diplomas in Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Massage and Crystal Therapy. I am also a Reiki Master. I am at present studying Sound Healing as well as Therapeutic Shamanism.

Each of us have our own personal journey to make, and do so in our own unique ways. Even standing at a ‘cross roads in our Life’ is a part of our learning and our journey.

If you wish me to accompany you, or stay with you, then reserve your space by calling me on 01243 820330.

I cannot make that call for you. It is for you to make that choice for yourself. What do you choose to do for your highest good?

I see clients for:

Reiki. Crystal Therapy, Guided Visualisations, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy and Counseling, as well as Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Reflexology.

My complimentary health centre is additional needs accessible and located at Mirage Health and Wellbeing, which is close to Bognor Regis Police Station. Easily accessed from Chichester, Barnham, Yapton, Littlehampton and this area of West Sussex. Choose from day, evening or weekend appointments.

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